IPv6 Compatibility

IPv6 Compatibility

In most cases, you do not need to manually enable IPv6. Stash will automatically select the optimal connection strategy based on the reported status of IPv4/IPv6 by the iOS/macOS system. When both IPv4 and IPv6 are available, Stash will initiate TCP handshakes with both IPv4 and IPv6, and select the first successful handshake for subsequent data transmission.

In cases where the proxy server supports IPv6, Stash uses fake IP mechanism and always forwards requests for domain names instead of IP addresses as much as possible. In this case, the selection of IPv4/IPv6 depends on the proxy server.

Due to the presence of the fake IP mechanism, in most scenarios of Stash Tunnel, it accepts a routed fake IP and Stash reverses it to the domain name. Therefore, Stash Tunnel only enables IPv4 by default. For most HTTP(S) requests, even if you directly enter an IPv6 address, the request does not go through Stash Tunnel because of the presence of HTTP proxy. Stash defaults to supporting:

  • Accessing IPv6-only servers via domain name
  • Accessing IPv6-only websites directly via IP

For direct access through IPv6 and via Stash Tunnel (such as SSH, FTP, etc.), you need to enable "Network Settings - Enable Tunnel IPv6 Routing". Please note that if you enable this function in a network environment that does not support IPv6, you may encounter compatibility issues.