TestFlight Related Issues

Stash conducts gray testing by distributing Beta versions through TestFlight. All purchasing users can apply to participate in TestFlight testing. In the Stash installed from the App Store, enter an email in "Settings - More Settings" to receive the invitation sent by TestFlight.


Before installing the TestFlight version, please go to "Tools - System Information" (Stash V2) or "Settings - Diagnostics" (Stash V1) to confirm the valid status of the current device authorization. Due to the restrictions of Apple's sandbox, device activation cannot be performed in the TestFlight version at present.

  • Due to Apple's restrictions, TestFlight allows a maximum of 10,000 accounts to participate, and Stash Network Ltd. reserves the right to remove inactive accounts.
  • The Apple ID applying for TestFlight can be different from the purchasing account, but each purchasing account can only have one TestFlight quota at the same time. When applying repeatedly, the old quota will be removed.
  • Since Stash is not available in the Chinese region, please do not use a Chinese region Apple ID to apply for TestFlight. When obtaining updates with a Chinese region Apple ID, you may encounter the message "The requested app is not available or does not exist."
  • TestFlight is a Beta (testing) version, and there may be bugs or instability while experiencing new features. Please switch between the App Store version or TestFlight testing version according to your actual situation.