On Demand

On-Demand Startup

Keep Stash on

After enabling this option, Stash will remain on at all times, and you can only turn off Stash using the stop button within the Stash app.

Stash can even automatically start up after a system reboot.

On-Demand Connection

If you want to disable Stash in specific network environments, you can configure on-demand connection so that Stash automatically starts or is disabled in different situations.

After enabling on-demand connection, if you turn off cellular data, Stash will not start under cellular data.

You can also disable Stash in certain Wi-Fi networks, such as those with transparent proxies in the router, to prevent traffic from being duplicated by proxies.

All you need to do is enter the Wi-Fi SSID into the excluded SSIDs, and Stash will not start under that SSID.