Stash Mac

Stash Mac

Stash Mac includes all the features of the iOS version. In addition, thanks to its separate design for macOS platform, Stash Mac will support more features than the iOS version.

Native Application

Stash Mac is designed specifically for macOS platform and natively supports both Intel/Apple silicon architectures of Mac. In addition, it supports a series of macOS native interactions such as booting, menu bar shortcuts, and keyboard shortcuts.

Process-based Rules

Thanks to the open design of macOS, Stash Mac can specify separate routing rules for each process. In Stash Dashboard, you can know the process information corresponding to each TCP/UDP connection from the local machine, and even use Stash to build your personal network firewall.

Gateway Mode

Do you have multiple devices in your LAN? Stash Mac supports gateway mode, which provides a seamless transparent proxy experience by setting the gateway of the devices in the LAN to the macOS running Stash enhanced mode. Stash Mac is fully prepared to be used as a routing gateway, click here to learn more.

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