Enhanced Network Performance

Enhanced Network Performance

Stash has optimized performance at every level of network connection to provide a low-latency, high-throughput accessing experience.


Some functions need to be manually enabled in "Network Settings".

Concurrent DNS Query

Stash allows users to configure multiple DNS servers. When conducting queries, Stash will request all servers concurrently and adopt the fastest responding result.

Optimistic DNS Cache

Stash uses the LRU algorithm for local caching of DNS queries. When the local cache expires, Stash continues to use the cached result and silently updates the record in the background, effectively reducing delays caused by expired DNS cache requests.

Concurrent Connection

In scenarios where a domain has multiple A/AAAA records, Stash initiates TCP connections to all IP addresses concurrently and selects the fastest handshake successful result to avoid node failure in accessing the CDN scenario.

Hybrid Use of Multiple Networks

In scenarios where Wi-Fi/cellular/wired networks are available simultaneously, Stash attempts to establish connections using multiple networks concurrently and selects the fastest handshake successful result. This feature can be used simultaneously with "Concurrent Connection". The hybrid use of multiple networks can reduce the probability of connection timeouts in weak network and network switching scenarios.