Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks

Stash can execute scheduled tasks in the background, currently only supporting JavaScript scripts. Scheduled tasks require Network Extension (VPN) to be connected.

Script / Scheduled Script

Stash can execute JavaScript scripts in the background on a schedule to automate tasks. The results of the execution can be notified through system notifications or recorded in persistent storage.

Please refer to JavaScript Scripts for the syntax and interface of JavaScript scripts.

The execution time and interval of scheduled scripts are specified by cron expressions. Please refer to here (opens in a new tab) for the syntax of cron expressions.

    - name: your-script-name
      cron: '*/5 * * * *' # at every 5th minute
      argument: '{ "key": true }' # optional
      timeout: 10 # optional
    - name: your-script-name
      cron: '0 20 * * *' # at 20:00
      argument: '{ "key": false }' # optional
      timeout: 15 # optional
    interval: 86400

You can reference the same script in multiple scenarios and determine the event source (such as HTTP rewriting or scheduled tasks) through environment variables.