Memory Limit on Jailbroken Devices

Jailbreak iOS System Memory Limit Modification

Jetsam in iOS is responsible for monitoring memory and performing OOM kill. In the default system configuration, different types of processes have different memory limits. In iOS 14 and earlier systems, the memory limit for Network Extension is 15 MB. After iOS 15, the memory limit for Network Extension increased to 50 MB.

For jailbroken users, this value can be modified to allow Network Extension to have more memory. This configuration file is located at /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.jetsamproperties.{Model}.plist.

After opening any file, search for the key com.apple.networkextension.packet-tunnel to find the Network Extension limit. It is recommended to change it to any value between 50-100. Both ActiveHardMemoryLimit and InactiveHardMemoryLimit need to be modified.

  • Backup your device before making any changes.
  • Model may be different on different phones and there may be multiple files like this. If you are unsure about the matching Model on your device, modify them all.
  • After making changes, restart the iOS system for them to take effect.

You can learn more at github.com/eycorsican/jetsamproperties (opens in a new tab).