URL Schema

URL Schema

Stash supports using URL Schema stash:// and clash:// to control Stash, and the included URL needs to be encoded.


In addition to the above URL Schema, Stash also supports using the standard URL https://link.stash.ws to control, with the format of https://link.stash.ws/command/url, and the included URL does not contain Schema and does not need to be encoded.

Taking the one-click installation of BoxJS as an example,

Original URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chavyleung/scripts/master/box/rewrite/boxjs.rewrite.stash.stoverride

One-click installation URL: https://link.stash.ws/install-override/raw.githubusercontent.com/chavyleung/scripts/master/box/rewrite/boxjs.rewrite.stash.stoverride


The default remote URL Schema is HTTPS. If you need to use HTTP, please add the parameter ?scheme=http.


If the remote URL cannot be accessed, the link will return 404.

Import Configuration File

  • stash://install-config?url=${url-encoded}
  • clash://install-config?url=${url-encoded}
  • https://link.stash.ws/install-config/example.com/stash.yaml

Import Remote Override

  • stash://install-override?url=${url-encoded}
  • clash://install-override?url=${url-encoded}
  • https://link.stash.ws/install-override/example.com/stash.stoverride

Import Icon Set

  • stash://install-icon-set?url=${url-encoded}
  • clash://install-icon-set?url=${url-encoded}
  • https://link.stash.ws/install-icon-set/example.com/stash.json

Turn On/Off Stash

Start Stash

  • stash://start
  • clash://start
  • https://link.stash.ws/start

Stop Stash

  • stash://stop
  • clash://stop
  • https://link.stash.ws/stop

Toggle On/Off

  • stash://toggle
  • clash://toggle
  • https://link.stash.ws/toggle